Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams & Kay Fry | Guest Blog and Excerpt

Immortal Prophecy Tour GraphicImmortal Prophecy
Samantha Adams & Kay Fry

The Immortal Prophecy Saga, Book 1
YA, Paranormal Romance

 The prophecy has been foretold…
Her destiny has been written…
Her fate has been sealed…

Alessandra Decosta was just your average sixteen year old girl,
until she took a fateful visit to a fortune teller. What happened that night would alter the course of her life forever…

Five years later, Alessandra, now a private investigator,
was doing what she thought was a routine stake out…It was to become anything but.

Immortal Prophecies - ebook final (2)Without any real warning, she found herself in the clutches
of the evil vampire, Vincent.

Just as she expected to die, James Carlisle, the smouldering
immortal that had haunted her dreams and thoughts for the last five years saved her from certain death with only a moment to spare.

Her memories of the horrifying encounter are removed and its
only when she meets James again at a masquerade ball, does she begin to have flashbacks of her brush with Vincent and the intoxicating Immortal that saved her life.

Alessandra is the only thing that stands between the immortals, the guardians of the human race and the vampires, the destruction of all mankind.

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What is it like writing as a team?

Doing anything in a team can be both a difficult and rewarding exercise, and writing as a team is no exception. Even though we wrote the novel as a mother and daughter team, we weren’t mother and daughter as such when our author hats were on, we were two creative minds with totally different ideas and experiences coming together trying to tell a story.

In a sense the saying, two heads are better than one is an accurate one, but I think there needs to be an extra line in that saying two heads are better than one, but the two heads will butt 🙂

As I write this, it’s beginning to sound as though it was a negative experience, when it was the polar opposite. Writing with my mum, who is almost a complete opposite was actually a lot of fun and I think ultimately it gave us a much stronger plot and a more balanced story.

She comes from the generation of bad vampires and I am part of the Twilight generation. So that one difference was something that affected the storyline from the beginning. She wanted a bad vampire and I wanted a sexy good one, so we compromised and went with bad vampires and smoldering good immortals. Now, since we have published a lot of people have commented on how much they loved the bad vampire theme because it’s unusual these days, and they loved that we had vampires and immortals but that the two races were so different. This is an example of what I mean when I said it gave us a stronger plot.

The obvious disadvantage of writing with another person is that you don’t have full control over what happens, both parties have to agree to what is happening. But having said above, that particular disadvantage ultimately was turned into an advantage.

Overall, it was a rewarding, challenging and fun experience that brought us closer together and was something that we can always look back on with fond memories. It’s an experience that money can’t buy.

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In this scene, Alessandra has gone to visit a fortune teller with her best friend, Kathryn.  It is here that she learns of the prophecy that will change her life forever…

“Alessandra,” Madame Isabella began, the tone of her voice becoming ominous and foreboding. Ally felt a shiver of dread run through her body. She should have listened to those instincts and gotten out of here, but no…

“You are a hunted woman, Alessandra. Two men are bound to you by destiny, but both have very different purposes. James Carlisle has been sent to protect you. Trust him with your life, he is your guardian and soulmate. Vincent, the other man, wants you dead…” She paused as she looked into the crystal ball, her eyes widened slightly and her lips parted in surprise. “Someone you love is keeping a secret from you that will shatter your world and change your life in ways you cannot imagine. You are not who you think you are, Alessandra.”

Ally, was vaguely aware of Kathryn’s arm around her. The feeling of dread had completely absorbed her to the point that she was paralyzed with fear.

“Are you ok, Ally?” her friend whispered, while giving her arm a squeeze.

Ally’s only response was a vague nod.

Madame continued, “Two people close to you will die, you cannot stop this. It is all meant to be and will mark the beginning of the prophecy…the prophecy you were born to fulfil.”

Ally’s breath caught in her throat. “Prophecy? What prophecy?”

“You were born to save an ancient race and kill Vincent. He will die at your hand if the prophecy is fulfilled.” The fortune teller paused for a moment, feeling desperately sorry for the sweet innocent girl sitting before her, but she knew that hiding the truth from her would ultimately lead to her demise. She leaned over and grabbed Ally’s hand in an effort to offer her some comfort. “The destiny that has been chosen for you will not be an easy one, but you were born to do this. No matter what do not lose hope, if you lose hope, then you have already lost, and you will die. Vincent will win, and the human race will be slaughtered with no one to protect them.”

Ally snatched her hand back as if it was burned. With a deceptively calm voice she said, “I want to go home, Kathryn. Now!”

“Of course,” Kathryn said as she helped her friend up.

“Ally,” Madame Isabella continued. “Remember that when you lose those people, things will have been set in motion that no one can stop. It will have begun.”

Unable to form any words, Ally glared at the woman, until Kathryn pulled her along and got her outside the tent.

Once outside, Ally felt like she could breathe again. They started walking so fast it was almost a light jog. Both were eager to get as far from that place as possible.

Madame Isabella watched the girls leave with a peculiar look on her face. “So the prophecy is true,” she muttered, shaking her head slightly in disbelief. “Poor girl, you have no idea what is coming for you.” A tear rolled down her cheek as she turned and walked back inside.

“I’m so sorry, Ally. I should never have forced you into that.” Kathryn felt dreadful for insisting that Ally have a reading too.

“It’s not true,” Ally muttered shaking her head. “It can’t be.”

Ally was still walking without a destination in mind, the only requirement she had was to be far away from Madame Isabella. Kat was walking with her, gently guiding her through the crowds. She could tell her friend was not watching where she was going.

“Not a chance that was way too bizarre,” Kat said, trying to be reassuring. However, they both knew that it more than likely was true. Madame Isabella seemed to be the real deal.

“Right.” Ally smiled trying to perk up. If I don’t believe it, then it won’t happen, right? Losing two people close to her, Vincent, a guardian and soulmate named James. It was all too much. Then the reality of what she had been told hit her. The air was knocked from her lungs, she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, and then everything went black…

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 ddddSamantha Adams

 eeeeeeeeeeeeeKay Fry

Samantha Adams is a young stay at home mum to her son, and is lucky enough to be married to her very own soulmate, Scott.

She lives in a leafy suburb of Melbourne with her family and two dogs, Coco and Ellie.
Coco was the inspiration for Alessandra’s dog in her debut novel, Immortal Prophecy, which she wrote with her mum, Kay.

She loves dogs, adores horse riding, is absolutely addicted to reading YA paranormal romances and historical romances and would love to live in England one day.

Kay never thought she would find herself writing a novel. It was a secret dream she thought wouldn’t come to fruition.

As for life outside of writing, Kay lives in a leafy Melbourne suburb, loves walking around the local lake and has a desire to travel the world. Her favourite authors are Dean Koontz and Victoria Holt. She loves dancing, getting creative and of course, shoe shopping!

Author Links

Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Author Links

Blog / Twitter / Facebook


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